The Washington Post, “Three Local Lights, dancing On their own.”
By Barbara Allen

“Dressed in a black-and-white ensemble with red hands and feet, Mitha spoke with her extremities in “In the Spirit of Things.” Emotions flared from her expressive hands and feet as she stomped and gestured, her delicate fingersfluttering toward the audience.”, Mesmerizing mitha,
by Amena Saiyid

“Mitha’s Tillana was a study in agility, skill, grace and melody, seamlessly unfolding from the eyes down to the feet, displaying the rigour and line that this purely technical form demands of a Bharatanatyam dancer”

Blog, “Classical Dance in Pakistan”,
by Vidya.

“Mitha should be applauded by her compatriots. Not only has she given an ancient art form a radical and less religious face, she is competing with big brother India on her terms. She brings value to the table and cannot be dismissed easily. Her dedication to her art is awe-inspiring.
On the international front, there are no free meals. Mitha knows that. The Indian dancers will not welcome her with open arms, but India as much as Pakistan needs constant rejuvenation of its cultural traditions. And if the likes of Mitha spur uneasiness and compeition on the other side of the border – it should be welcomed. Competition on the dance floor is so much more palatable than annihilation on the battleground.”

DC Theatre Scene, by Danielle Martin
Running time: a gorgeous 45 minutes.

“Classically and appealing provocative works that I would see again.”

The Essence of Dance, Subject to Interpretation
by Lisa Traiger. Special to The Washington Post

“Mitha carries herself with a regal elegance.”

The News, Lahore,
by Ayesha nadir Ali

“Audiences expect something new and daring from Tehreema each time. They look forward to being jolted out of their complacency by the unusual movements through which she approaches uncomfortable topics.”

Dance Magazine, “Across All Borders: A Choreography with Freedom”
by Carmel Morgan Ballet

“The Tehreema Mitha Dance Company offers masterful dance centered on universal themes.”

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