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Following in the footsteps of her Guru, Indu Mitha, Tehreema Mitha choreographs her classical dances moving away from the traditional Hindu Mythology and instead imbues her dances with stories of love and ore that have a universal appeal. The accompanying music is always North Indian ragas, but the instrumentals are both of North and South Indian origin.


These dances, begun in 2000, mostly use pure Bharatanatym technique but present the dances in a Contemporary format with a modern visual vibe. The company calls these dances their “bridging dances’. However, at times the Classical and Contemporary movements, (while clearly apart), may be presented within the same dance.


Tehreema Mitha’s contemporary dances, while still earth bound, break free of the classical strictures and experiment with all forms of movement. They remain story orientated, theatrical, dramatic and colorful in their presentation and clearly differentiated from modern dance. The music from these dances are often an exciting collaboration between the choreographer and musicians.


The accompanying music for each dance is specially composed so that it becomes inseparable from the movement. Tehreema Mitha always used North Indian Classical music for the Classical Bharatanatyam dances. For the contemporary items, though, classical music is sometimes mixed with folk or Western genres.

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