To watch or Not to watch.

There was a message making the rounds on Facebook telling people not to see the movie, Wolf of Wall Street. Talk about an immature and totally undemocratic call. A sure shot way of making people want to see something they may not have otherwise paid any attention to. And why should you ever tell people not to watch a commercial movie? Let them make up their own minds. Got to have some faith.

What really irritated me about this was the attitude of aversion to showing the indulgence of the rich is the following: where do these people live, in which world do they live, these people who put this sort of headline and then click them to share on Facebook? If they are so outraged by this movie, (which, according to the directors and producers is supposed to be a comment on the sad direction of our society), where is their outrage every day over all the so called reality shows which actually really make people rich in the most disgusting manner; then make daily programs showing these personalities living the rich life, which ordinary people who have no such capacity, watch every day?

Whether it be the Kardashians, (who led the way), or the Housewives of this or that, or the Rich Girls of here and there…the story is all the same. They put up a farce of reality on television, that includes in mega doses: bitchiness, low morals, meanness to parents, disrespect to their friends and often family, and always overindulgence with an overlay of, ‘but we love each other and underneath we are really nice people’. Their life styles may have had more humble beginnings but as we see their makeup go from homely to professionally applied everyday, (all intact even when they are supposedly sleeping or just waking up…wow!), we also see the dramatic upgrade in their clothes, cars, their houses, their toys, their damage control teams and the utter falseness of what they put out as “real life happenings’. We also see their businesses spread it’s tentacles into every possible tangent and grow dramatically in real life. They rake in the millions through clotheslines, perfumes, franchises, restaurants, decorating businesses, alcoholic drinks (to name a few), and simply appearances for the sake of their celebrity. Then we watch them splurge disgustingly on the reality shows on stupendously large diamonds, multiple wedding gowns, cars for their barely out of school children…and folks sit with their eyes glued to this spectacle. They watch day in and day out when they have jobs that pay so little they cannot make ends meet or can barely pay that cable bill to watch the one percent get richer. And, yes, The United States signals reach every corner of the globe. The disenfranchised citizens of many corrupt, poor and strife-ridden countries all over the world also watch these reality shows, just like they watched Bay Watch. This is the image of The American Dream that we are beaming all over the world.

So, my question is: aren’t The People being lulled into a lack of self worth, bombarded with mean, often talentless nasty people getting super rich in front of their eyes because of their willingness to hang it all out, while the run of the mill every person sits on their couches trying hard to get the incentive to work-out or cook a decent meal after a grueling and boring boring day of over-work? Are the lessons we are giving through these daily doses worse than anything The Wolf of Wall Street can tell us? Whether you like the movie or not, at least the director and producers have a history of trying to make social comment for the good side, the caring side. They may have missed their mark through this movie… or… did they? Are the moral police trying to say that these colossal sums of money and the depravation we see in the movie do not happen in real life, all over the world, with the One Percent of Greeks, Spanish, Russian, Pakistani, Indian, Kuwaitis, kenyans etc. etc.? Really?

Move over, Baby, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

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